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Ok, for those of you following Diya's real life (not just the dance or music) you can friend Diya Fourohfour on Facebook, Diy404 on Twitter or hit the real blog, VSOnline:

Tiasha's arangetram notes are now available on Mallika's arangetram notes are on

Students of the "Office Class" from Rochester Hills, now under the care and tutelage of Smt.Ganga Rajkumar, please see for your class notes and updates.

Preeti's Arangetram blog will be located at

Krithika's Arangetram notes are on

Nina's Arangetram preparation can be viewed on -- our HTR website -- the mothership, if you will. Our parent dance academy, and my second family. Do visit them in Matunga, if you drop by Mumbai, ever. They are the most wonderful people! And never miss any shows from the school or its thousands of students globally. They are truly special!  -- The Sound of Zen

Bharathanatyam and the World Wide Web is an excellent resource for dancers keeping it real in the new millenium. You will find reviews of dance events and upcoming educational opportunities as well as webcasts with great dancers from everywhere.  -- Anitha Ratnam was a very sweet guide for me when I was a young Miss India USA, and she now runs a very powerful network for the worldwide Indian dance community. Please check it out! -- my friends Raghu and Venky have a Tamiil variety radio show in NJ, which you can hear onlineWednesdays from 7 to 8 from this link -- My friends Anand and Anu run this very popular Indian portal for the Michigan Community...and sometimes, you can find me or my mom here! --- read on...because you can never know too much -- if you really like vidya .. wisdom, that is. - A real center of global knowledge and technical revolution. Come work with Vidya here and help people achieve their potential.